Kids creativity and eagerness to learn should not be limited by access to resources. We help them explore the technology world.

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Better Future

i-Vidya focuses on providing good basics and foundation to the kids, so kids can choose the area they are passionate about. This helps them secure better future.

Qualified Trainers

i-Vidya brings qualified trainers to maintain state-of-the-art curriculam, foundation programs are fully prepared in-line with technology and industry requirement.


i-Vidya provides a platform for kids to attend virtual workshops, competitions and experience with freelancing.

About us

Learning with Love and Laughter

i-Vidya aims at delivering school kids with unlimited access to industry requirments and standards, making them more confident about their future and helping them make more better decisions while choosing programs of their interest. i-Vidya aims at empowering all the schools to enhance their students interaction by becoming industry partner.

  • Better tools and activities to gain more practical knowledge.
  • Freelancing network dedicatedly for students to learn by earning.
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